5 tray commercial bread baking oven

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This rotary baking oven can be divided into three type, including electric, gas and fuel oil. It can be used for baking various kind of bread, cake,moon cake, cookies, walnut cake, pastries and many other kinds of biscuits.

1. Made of stainless steel material
2.The temperature can be adjusted automatically
3.Equiped with time-alarmer and spray device .
4. Control panel, comrehensive functions, can accurately adjust multiple function.
5.With inner lamp and glass window to see the baked food clearly.
6.Good baking effect, even color and wonderful taste

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Voltage 220v/380v380v380V
Power 7.5kw15kw16kw
Tray size 400*600mm400*600mm400*600mm
Machine size 900*1290*780mm905*1280*1280mm1500*1200*1830mm
Tem control scope20-400ºC20-40020-400
Weight 150kg 230kg 430kg

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