Factory supply sausage making production line for port beef chicken

Short Description:

★ Flow chart:

Meat grinder → Stuffer mixer  → Sausage filling  → Bind wire machine→ Smoking machine  → Packing machine  (according to different capacity and requirement , the technical process is also different) 

Function of every machine:
Meat grinder : This meat grinder can gind all kinds of meat , frozen meat, fruit and vegetables. It is full stainless steel, it is randomly equipment with different sizes of meat grinder meshes.

Stuffing mixer :Stuffing mixer can mixing different paste,stuffing and other materials .

Sausage filling machine :P roper for filling all kinds of sausage .

Sausage kontting machine :Suitable for all kinds of protein casings, fiber casings and animal casings.Advanced wire tying mechanism, no damage to casing.It is the best and ideal production equipment for processing Taiwan baked sausage, kinder sausage, crispy sausage, chicken sausage and Chinese and Sichuan sausage.

Sausage smoking machine :Meat smoking machine is taken cooking,drying, smoking functions. The purpose of the smoked meat is to dehydrate the meat products and give a special flavor to the products.

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