Commercial pizza bread barking oven

Short Description:

1.This barking oven is adopt heating pipe and heating exchager, made with high quality and extra-thick insulation material.
2.It have microcomputer control panel, and spraying device, many functions can be adjusted accurately .
3.Automatic temperature control system, which make the barking environment under the best .  Inner with the rotary heating fan,making the temperature uniform.Double control systems of surface and bottom, can supply the best barking environment .

Product Detail

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ItemModelPower (KW)Machine size(mm)Temperature scope(ºC)
One layer /1 trayACL-D220V/380V/3.2kw990*740*40030-400
One layer /2traysACL-2D220V/380V/6.6kw1221*830*51230-400
Two layers/2 traysACL-2-2D220V/380V/6.4kw990*740*83030-400
Two layers/4 traysACL-2-4D220V/380V/13.2kw1221*830*121030-400
Three layers/6 traysACL-3-6D220V/380V/19.8KW1221*830*153330-400
Three layers/9traysACL-3-9D220V/380V/28KW1660*880*158030-400

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