Raw cashew nut processing line

Short Description:

Process :1.Grading machine –2. Steam cooker –3. Cooler machine — 4. Shelling machine –5.Cashew Nut & Kernel Separator –6.Cashew nut drying machine –7.peeling machine–8.Nuts sorting machine–9.Packing machine

The function of the machines in the production line:
1.Grading machine: separate the cashew into several grades.
2.Steam cooker: boil the cashew by electricity or gas so that you can shell the cashew easily.
3.Cooler machine: make the boiled cashew nuts cool.
4.Shelling machine: shelling the cashew.
5.The Cashew Nut & Kernel Separator: separate the cashew nut shell and kernel.
6.Cashew nut drying machine: this machine is to dry the cashew nut,after drying,when peeling the nut,the almost no broken rate.
7.Peeling machine: peel the kernel and get clear cashew nut kernel.
8.Nuts sorting machine: separate the nuts into three grades.
9.Packing machine:Packing cashew nuts into bags for selling

Product Detail

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1)Grading machinePower:3kw


2)Steam cookerPower:18kw


3)Cooler Power:0.37kw


4)Automatic shelling machinePower:3kw


5)Cashew shell & Kernel SeparatorPower:0.75kw


6)Cashew nut drying machinePower:7.5kw


7)Cashew nuts peeling machinePower:0.22kw


8)Nuts sorting machinePower:1.1kw


9)Packing machinePower:1.8kw

Capacity:18-35 Bags/min

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